Stirling Solar

Stirling Solar Powered Engine

The Stirling Solar Powered Engine is similar to the Low temperature Differential Stirling Engine in that it can run on very low temperatures, however, the Solar Powered versions usually have a transparent top plate and a matt black displacer, this allows the solar energy to get inside the engine and do its magic. They can also have a matt black top plate, this too allows solar energy to efficiently transfer its heat to the engine.

These little beauties will sit on a windowsill in sunlight and happily work away. They can also be powered by an overhead lamp sitting on your PC desktop or any table for that matter, as well as having all the other properties as the low temperature models. Here are the Solar Powered Engines available to buy –

Combination Solar & Ltd Stirling Engine

solar powered stirling engines for sale
combination ltd & solar powered stirling engine

Ultra Efficient Fully Transparent Solar Powered Stirling Engine

3B Scientific Acrylic Low-Temperature Stirling Engine
Ultra efficient solar & ltd stirling engine