Solar Power Generator

Solar Power Generators


Solar Power Generators are usually powered by a tea light candle or by focused sunlight. The solar powered generator below is called a Lamina/Laminar Flow Stirling Engine. The engine is connected to a small generator by means of a belt. As a result electricity can be created. This electricity can be used to power many small household devices including radios, LEDs and many other things that ill work off 12 volts. As you can see from the video below, this engine is machined to perfection –



Fully Transparent Solar Powered Generator

stirling engine generators for sale

3B Scientific's Solar Powered Generator


This Thames & Kosmos Solar Power Generator works by focusing the solar energy by using a parabolic dish. This generator also has a voltmeter on the side of the engine, which allows you to check how much electricity you are creating. This YouTube video is an old one, for the last while you have also received a free RC Car with this engine, the generator powers it up, super cool :)

Solar Stirling Engine Kit, High Power, also charges up an RC Car (Included)

Stirling Engine Kit with Charging Station